The Bespoke Wedding Dresses Collection

Updated: Apr 8

This post is entirely for brides who are interested in having a dress made but unsure or nervous about creating a unique bespoke wedding dress from scratch.

The designs featured here in this post showcase the best loved bridal gowns which are timeless classics, alongside newer modern designs for brides who might prefer a less informal and simple wedding dress for the season ahead. All of our designs are customisable to suit a range of tastes, budget and needs and only require you to book a free consulation or virtual boutique appointment to view and try on gowns.

The Bespoke Wedding Dresses Collection

Bespoke Wedding Dresses Prices

Bespoke wedding dresses are individually handmade gowns that are made in our West London UK studio combining traditional couture practices with modern techniques.

Every wedding dress is meticulously cut using a pattern that is created from individual measurements. So, for example, if a bride has a large bust and narrow hips, or wide hips and narrow shoulders, the pattern is balanced during the fitting stage to enhance certain features of the body with a focus on being fitted to perfection. Every gown is cut, made and purposely fitted to the bride who will wear it so there are no additional alteration costs beyond the cost that is quoted.

A customised gown - selected from the studio collection - prices start from £1375.00 plus the cost of customising the design which will vary based on requirements.

Bespoke Wedding Dresses that are designed from scratch start from £3500

Sustainable Materials

No two bridal gowns are the same because material choices alongside the details and design elements are different for every bride. Whilst traditionally, wedding dresses were crafted in duchess satins, silks crepes, zibeline and the finest french laces, much of these materials are still available alongside modern silks and synthetics that are responsible sustainable and authenticated products, equally as sumptous as their counterparts.modern alternatives available.

The Endless Possibilities

Every design starts out as a mockup made up in what is known as cotton or calico. This allows us to see the design, the shape and silohuette of the dress and to carry out any necessary changes before the actual dress is cut. It is the cost of the materials that will impact the final cost of the dress. When considering a bespoke wedding dress a healthy budget of around £1000 will provide you with multiple choices and a dress of decent quality


Cynthia Grafton-Holt, the leading bridal expert with over 40 years of experience, is gaining recognition for the unrivalled serviced, craftsmanship and attention to detail as a World Class British Bridal Professional. Her London Bridal Studio is home to the exclusively designed Bridal Collection, all of which have been made in England from start to finish at her atelier.

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