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Luxury Bridal Collection


The LOVE Story

In the city of love, beneath the Parisian sky,

We embarked on a journey, my heart and I.

Hand in hand, we strolled the cobblestone streets,

In the City of Light, where our destiny meets.

With laughter as our guide, we wandered the Seine,

Amidst whispers of lovers, in an enchanting dream.

We peered into shop windows, our hearts deeply intertwined,

In the tapestry of Paris, our love story defined.

The Eiffel Tower stood tall, a beacon above,

A symbol of amour, a testament of our love.

At its pinnacle, as the city twinkled below,

He knelt before me, his love on full show.

With trembling hands, he popped the question, you see,

A ring glistening brightly, a symbol of unity.

In that moment, my heart soared to the sky,

As I gazed into his eyes I couldn't help but cry.

With all my heart, I whispered a joyful "yes,"

A thousand emotions in a single caress.

In the glow of Paris, our love took flight,

Two souls, forever bound, in the city of light.

close up portrait of a woman
woman wearing a pink wedding dress in front of the effiel tower


portrait of a woman in a pink wedding dress
Cynthia Grafton-Holt bespoke wedding dre


woman and a man having their wedding photos taken
close up shot of the detail of a wedding dress


full length shot of a woman wearing a wedding dress standing on the steps

The Essence of Timeless Design

True beauty, like love, only deepens and grows more

exquisite with time.

la beauté de l'intemporalité

"The Beauty of Timelessness"


woman standing by  a gated doorway at night
close up shot of woman standing in doorway


woman wearing a cropped top posing



woman posing on steps for photo
woman who is walking in a modern wedding dress


close up of woman who is walking

a woman standing by a wall looking at the camera


a woman about to cross the road holding wedding flowers


a woman wearing a short wedding dress and high heels


Capturing Elegance in Every Stitch.

Step into a world where time stands still, and beauty knows no bounds

a woman wearing a short wedding dress with feathers
Cynthia Grafton-Holt bespoke wedding dresses london 4 (18).png



Elevate Your Weekend Wedding Wardrobe

Indulge in the allure of contemporary design tailored exclusively for you.

Hide and Seek
Cynthia Grafton-Holt bespoke wedding dresses london 4 (22).png

After Dark

The night is still young


The Love Story


The Eiffel Tower witnessed our love's sweet embrace,

As the stars above blessed our newfound grace.

In the heart of this city, where dreams take flight,

We became one, under the Parisian night.

Now our love story is etched in the Parisian air,

A tale of romance beyond compare.

In the city of love, where dreams come true,

We found forever, me and you.


Small Touches That Define Luxury

When it's the little things that matter to you the most.  Like the way you look and feel wearing the most important piece of art you are ever likely to own.  We stop at nothing, tailoring every aspect of the journey into a meaningful one by showing that we care.


My secret sauce, is the hidden benefits only you and I know of.  Unique to you. Enhancing and contouring your shape, into the best imaginable version of you. The results are breathtaking.   


Cynthia Grafton-Holt bespoke wedding dresses london 4 (24).png


When Time Is Your Luxury...

spend it wisely as you journey towards your perfect day.

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