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Meticulous British Craftmanship 

"I believe that when choosing to create a Bespoke Wedding Dress, the vision should be inspired by a deep desire to create a lasting and momentous treasure of one of life's most memorable moments."

The Dream.Becomes Reality

Unlocking the Vision

From the first consultation to the final fitting, the experience begins right from the moment you share your vision with me.  My role is to capture and nurture your dream goal and the values that are of importance to you.  The journey of turning your dreams into a reality is more than just the dress itself; it is essentially about learning who you are,  sketching your ideas and matching them with the right materials, trims, and details that align with your story - instilling you with confidence and the assurance that you have made the right choices.


The Design Process 

Designing a dress with Cynthia Grafton-Holt is nothing short of a sumptuous affair and the distinctive service is unhurried, highly skilled, and exclusive to every client.

Brides are given complete carte blanche to choose and personalize every single element of their dress from a wide collection of possibilities.


You can bring along images that inspire you or customize any of the bridal gowns in our collections.  You are free to choose fabrics that you love, trims & laces, and even the silhouette so that it flatters your shape. 


Should you be concerned about modesty or personal confidence, we will work together until the final design is one that will fit you to utter perfection.

There is no need to worry about gaining or losing weight during the process – we will re-measure you closer to the date of your event and remain flexible about the design for your peace of mind.

From a full-skirted ball-gown or a body-sculpting mermaid design with discreet internal corsetry for a cinched waisline and oplulent  embellishments, when working together; Cynthia and client co-create to perform a vision of perfection.

And, once the Design is decided – the couture dress-making process begins...

Working the Magic... 

A Cynthia Grafton Holt Bespoke Couture Dress is created using her expertise and that of her team of skilled specialists in her atelier.


With her team of fitters, pattern-cutters, seamstresses, embroiderers, and finishers you can rest assured that you are in the safest of hands. 

Cynthia and her team are masters in creating epic flattering silhouettes that look deceptively simple, but that, in reality, require supreme skill to achieve; and this skill, is the product of a 35-year fine-tuning journey. 

Her beautiful bespoke embellishments are a Cynthia Grafton-Holt signature and just one of the main reasons she is the go-to atelier for the bride looking for a one of a kind haute couture gown


The Process

Once the design has been finalized, then there’s the initial measurement appointment followed by the first toile fitting, which is essentially a mock-up of your dress where the lines of the dress are defined to complement your body’s curves.


A further calico toile fitting perfects the shape before the fabric is cut. There are then three further fabric fittings before the final check fitting, as close to the wedding or event date as possible, to ensure the dress is absolutely perfect.


Don’t be afraid to ask loads of questions during this time to be absolutely sure that your vision is completely understood.  You can expect lots of tweaking and suggestions about fit and design during this stage and you may have to attend a second toile fitting to ensure that the silhouette and fit are as accurate as can be.

IMG_5324 2.JPG

Choosing the Fabric

Following the toile fitting, the pattern is finalized and the order for the fabrics and trims can be confirmed and dispatched.   


We will update you when the fabric is on its way to us and post you out small cuttings of the color & texture in order to assist you with the planning of other elements of your wedding such as floral’s, shoes, and event design. 

As an extra service for our brides, we offer Bridal workshops to help you narrow down every single detail of your event. Alone or with your Bridal party we offer workshops suited for making your wedding a blissful experience and every step one worth remembering. 


Cynthia has designed and participated in over 45 published shoots for the wedding and fashion industries.

She knows what it takes to create the most memorable events. 


The Final Fitting

The first fitting of your dress will be an exciting time for you and to get the best from it, it is really important to wear the same undergarments as for the toile fitting.  It is also a good idea to bring along a pair of heels (of similar height to what you plan to wear) to help us have a clear picture of the final look.  As this will be the first [actual] dress fitting throughout the bespoke wedding dress process, please choose someone close to you to attend this first appointment, and of course, you’re welcome to take photos.

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