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Bride wearing a 3 piece silk wedding dress with sleeves

We are so elated to be featured over on the 'LOVE MY DRESS' channel today, among other talented UK Bridal Designers. It's such a huge acheivement and we can never stop shouting about the wealth of British talent that is available to brides right here on our doorsteps.

One of the biggest concerns among brides-to-be right now, has to be the impact of COVID and Brexit on the wedding dress shopping chain; and, if you are a bride who is conscious of your carbon footprint, then what better to support the wedding dress industry than by shopping closer to home.

There are so many hidden benefits for brides who choose to go bespoke, the most obvious of these is the exclusivity factor. But so often, it is not until a bride is involved in the process, that she can begin to appreciate the attention to detail, the control she has and, the fact that no-one else will be trying on her gown. The relationship between client and designer develops into a unique relationship and a bond is created between the two forever. Knowing the designer personally, is another aspect of the journey that will become a priceless memory - alongside experiencing the often hidden process of your dream gown springing into life, which is a bonus for any bride!

With not much more to add, other than please take a moment to check out our contribution over at LOVE MY DRESS or, you can read the full article HERE

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