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Unlocking Your Style to Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

The journey of knowing how you want to look, and finding your dream wedding dress is an incredibly difficult for the majority of brides. Add to which, you will be asked this difficult to answer question right from the start of your search for your dream wedding dress, and be expected to define the details the moment you make your first phone call or even step foot inside a bridal boutique. 

Whilst it may seem almost impossible to many that you don't know all the details of what style of dress you want, we fully understand your reality is simply how could you?  Yes, the market is saturated with bridal fashion and there is so much choice readily available across the www, which should make it relatively easy to scroll through a few pages then point a finger at 'The one'. 

Yet, as we all know, that beautiful glossy image and stunning dress will look so different when worn by another and quite possibly even unrecognizable.  I mean, how many dresses have you even tried on using the body shape principles as a guide - known as the 'one size fits all' approach?


The Venue

First and foremost brides, before even thinking of your dream dress, the ideal place to begin the search (both for inspiration and a reality check) is to start with the venue.  The choice of venue and style of it with be a major contributor to the style of wedding dress that will work well in the space and once you have that figured out, only then can you begin to to narrow down suitable styles for you to search for. After finding the venue and agreeing a season, you can then turn your thoughts to floral displays, colours and styles of bouquets. Now, with venue, florals and colour schemes mapped out, your dream dress shopping experience can begin in earnest with elements in place that will contribute to the style and design of dress that is perfect for you.


Tips to Help You To Find Your Dream Wedding Dress

Begin by flicking through the pages of the latest copies of a few bridal magazines and putting together a mood board or file of hose that you love.  The reason I love magazines is because they are reliable, don't require a mobile signal at the crucial moment and can be located at the drop of a hat - compared to the 1000's of images stored on a phone.  Get a perspective on the styles that you would love to wear on the big day and create a final list of 3-5 dress shapes to begin with.  Be realistic about your body shape and the style of dress that you like to avoid you feeling disappointed at your first appointment.


The Idea of THE Perfect Dress

[Featured gowns by Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture - Camela - Top right | Bronte gown Bottom Left | Zaha - Bottom Left | Amelia Robe Bottom Right | Centre - Mala Gown


Perfection has multiple angles in much the same way that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'.  There is nothing more rewarding than the happy tears that fall as my client views her reflection in the mirror to admire the work of the bespoke corset redefining and reshaping her body  through clever pattern engineering.  The moment when she sees herself as beyond beautiful - is the moment the dream dress is borne.  And for those brides-to-be who perhaps don't fully appreciate the benefits of support, from a little hidden help in the bust department, to reshaping the volumne to flatter the tiny frame - what ever the requirement, rest-assured, our goal is to achieve the ultimate fit in wedding dress design that will elevate you for the occasion.


Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

What to wear and how to dress for a wedding dress shopping appointment is another factor or stress point for first time brides - so as a general guide to help you get started here is what we recommend.

  • Underwear - Wear nude or flesh colored bra and panties.  In addition, take along a strapless bra for those strapless dress or illusion necklines that you are bound to encounter.

  • Take a pair of heels similar to what you would normally wear on a night out.

  • Fake tans - Just don't do it the night before hoping to impress the boutique staff - it is a big no no NO!

  • Make-up - keep to the absolute minimum as any surplus will be left behind on the lovely pristine dresses in the showroom.

  • Take a hair clip so that you can experiment with different looks.

  • Do not take photographs without the permission of the boutique and staff.

  • Avoid taking more than one or two guests with you and ask the boutique first! Post pandemic wedding dress shopping has restrictions in place to continue to keep us safe.  Best choices are mum and your best friend who know you well and are trusted to give honest opinions.

  • Bring a note pad to record the details, prices and time frame of the the dresses that you love.  Better still, ask the shop to provide you with a written quote with full details (including likely costs of alterations) for you to consider.

  • Don't be rushed or tempted into purchasing a dress just because it is 'the last one in your size'.

Finally, if after several trips of trying on off the peg dress you are still confused and disappointed, this is the right time to start looking at alternative options such as finding a bespoke wedding dress designer or a reputable wedding dressmaker. You can find out more about the process of wedding dress design and how it works or, learn more the designer who will ultimately be working with you to create your dream dress.

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