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Designing The Perfect Couture Designer Wedding Dress

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

A Couture Designer Wedding Dress, begins firstly with embracing your unique personal style.  Whilst it is every brides goal to look amazing, it is important to accept who you are, the shape that you have, and to be open to how the process of designing a couture wedding dress can transform a classic style with a contemporary twist.

Getting to know each brides and learning how to translate her story into a beautifully crafted gown – fit for a princess – is what makes this job so satisfying.  I don’t expect brides to have all the answers right at the start of the process.  I just expect total honesty and trust that we can deliver.

It can be overwhelming too, to be faced with so much choice, and sometimes brides struggle that they might get things wrong.  Which is why we carefully stage each part of the journey with ‘toiles’ and mock-ups, to allow our brides to see everything before it happens.

So when I met Obi for the first time and she was faced with the question, “What is your goal for the big day?“ Her response was: “Elegant, WONDERFUL and confident is how I wany to feel on my wedding day!”


Classic and Timeless Bridal Style

There is a certain element of surprise when working with a new bride, and our bride was very clear about her style, her attitude to fashion and the fact that she wanted to remain timelessly classic and understated but, with a wow factor in her choice of design.

The beauty of beginning with a classic design is the freedom that it allows for personalization and interpretation of the personality.  The freedom to introduce other elements relating to fashion or design influences, is what then, creates a dress as a genuine bespoke work of art.

After trying on several of the dresses in the private Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture Collection , Obi settled on the Grace bridal gown.  A duchess satin ballgown wedding dress with an unapologetically, sumptuous train embellished with pearl and diamante buttons running the full length of the back back seam.  We decided on a low sheen duchess satin with almost a matt surface.  This felt both clean and understated allowing us to do more with the embellishment and surface details for a look that would be undeniably bespoke and elevate her couture designer wedding dress style.

To the sleeves, we added a touch of ‘Alexander Mcqueen’ drama that was complimented by the sheer upper back panel which was then embellished with silver and ivory beadwork  for a touch of glam.

My advice to brides, is to think of their choice of wedding dress style in the same way as a long term investment.  Whilst current bridal fashion will fade, classic timeless wedding dress styles will stand the test of time and bring joy and satisfaction each time that you look back through the wedding day album over time.

To date, Obi’s classic timeless wedding dress has been featured in several fashion publications both in print and online.


Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture is a highly respected British Couture wedding dress designer. Her bridal studio is located in North London Wembley,Park, close to the designer village.

The wedding gowns in the atelier are all handmade and crafted in London with Cynthia personally overseeing every aspect of the appointment and the production from concept to completion.


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