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CGH Bride Frankie & Dan's Winter Wonderland Wedding in Buckinghamshire

Frankie & Dan's Winter wonderland wedding took place on 14th Feb 2020 in Buckinghamshire.

CGH Bride wearing a lace Winter wonderland wedding dress

I wouldnt normally attend a clients wedding day unless asked; but, Frankies wedding was quite literally on the doorstep of the boutique that we had; and to be totally honest, I couldnt resist the opportunity to see this wonderful human wearing her dream bespoke wedding dress in real life.

I guess it happens that with so many dress rehersals along the way, being the fairy god-mother that I am, I just want to make sure every buttons is done up and the bride is at her best and ready to rock her show.

Frankie's Winter Wedding Dress style

The wedding took place at the cosy Tudor Barn wedding venue, Burnham Buckinghamshire on valentines day. It certainly was a sprightly day for which the bride had planned in advance to wear a gorgeous fur cover up for the outside celebrations. Whilst most winter wedding dresses are typically made using heavier materials that retain heat, Frankie was adamant that she had set her heart on floaty, romantic gown made of tulle with sumptuous amounts of embroidery and delicate beadwork for added sparkle.

A Coloured Wedding Dress

The choice of colour and shade was matched to compliment the skin tone of the bride. It was, the perfect choice too adding a certain luxe, elegance and glamour to an otherwise dull and dark winter's day. The dress was structured unto an internal corset and internally laced up to provide support which meant the bride did not the worry of finding a bra that would work with the 'off-the-shoulder' neckline of her gown. The skirt, was every little girls dream. The cut was a full priness skirt that was made up of multiple layers of blush and ivory tulle for a soft layered hint of pink, without it being too sugary.

Dressing The Bride On Her Wedding Day

I figured that if I was going to attend the wedding of one of our brides, then the very least I could do would be to make myself useful. and so, I dressed the bride on the day. From the feedback that Frankie gave in her mini interview for Hitched on instagram, she states the following:

"Having Cynthia there on the day was such an honour as she was able to get me into my gown and fasten it up so that I felt secure on the day. I dont think anyone else could have done it like she did; and she got to meet my Dad too which meant so much to me"


Perhaps you might be searching for winter wedding dress inspiration? Why not take a look a this inspirational article that we put together for 5 Star Weddings Magazine Or, feel free to drop me a line Here so that I can answer an queries that you may have.

I look forward to chatting with you soon.


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