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Updated: Feb 18, 2023

“To the newly engaged bride-to-be - Congratulations. to you both. Your engagement sparks a whole new beginning and chapter with an abundance of opportunities. But first, if your dream involves planning a winter wedding celebration complete with fairy lights, sparklers, twinkling candles, a log fire and plenty of mulled wine - which are all essential ingredients for what will become YOUR standout winter wedding affair - do read on” - Cynthia

Choosing to host a wedding during the winter months can help significantly with the cost of hosting a wedding. Firstly, its off season and prices will be much lower along with choice of venues (all of which will be of help to many couples).

Whilst everyone loves a summer wedding, no-one thinks about the hidden benefits in going off season. Things such as flight costs and destinations for honeymoons can spark huge savings , all of which when added up, leave you more to spend on having the dress of your dreams and a spectacular wedding party to end all parties.



For almost 40 years Cynthia and her artisan team of highly skilled wedding dressmakers have worked closely with leading textile mills from across the world to source the finest materials for her brides; with expert care focused on the individual bride to ensure the right choice of materials for the chosen design.

Silk does for the body what diamonds do for the hand - Oscar de la Renta

"Among my firm favourite winter wedding dress fabrics is Silk. Ranging from time honoured favourites like Italian Silk Duchess satins to more modern enchanting weaves from the textured silks collection frequently sought after by royals and society brides";

Silk is unrivalled for its sheen and texture and, quite simply, the unspoken message of luxury and opulence in a way that no other fabric can. Silk moves, it breathes, it maintains the body temperature and drapes like no other material on earth.

A suitable heavy weighted silk lends itself beautifully across a range of silhouettes such as sumptuous ball gowns, A-line gowns and, elegant shift dresses and tailored column styled bridal gowns; This super rich silk is well loved and a time honored favourite within the couture sector for its as body and draping ability adding excellent crispness and character. With a luxurious hold and excellent support for hand moulded bodices utilising fully its pleat and draping ability, alongside its sensuous warmth for winter wedding gown.



When finalizing the details for a winter wedding dress with my brides, I like to focus much of the discussion around practical considerations like warmth and covering up.

Styling options such as long sleeves and higher necklines are often amongst the most selected option among our brides for their timelessly beautiful portrayal of grandness within a contemporary setting. The high-necked styling is dramatic yet sublime and feminine offering fresh dynamics to time honoured classic looks.

Yet, opting for a High-necked bridal gown doesn’t have to feel or look stuffy. The finer details of the finished gown are designed and created entirely in collaboration with the bride, taking into consideration age, personal style, inspirational influences and individual personalities.

Cynthia says, “It is essential when creating a bespoke gown for an individual bride that the final design is in every way a true reflection of who she is including her warmth and radiating smile.” It is the very essence of the Wow moment; when the best version of you is revealed and not the other way around.

Photography | jacob and Pauline

With so much choice available when it comes to designing the perfect bespoke dress for a winter wedding, opting to include long-sleeves provides the perfect balance and warmth whilst creating the ultimate statement for a seasonal design. Whether your style is elegantly timeless, romantically whimsical, or chic and modern, the possibilities are endless.

“There are of course, multiple ways in which any design can accommodate the needs and personal requirements of the individual bride, with layering options, cover up options, separates such as capes, dramatic statement pieces like jackets, detachable collars and embellished lace jackets, the options and directions for each bride will be endless.” Cynthia

We look forward to welcoming our winter brides.


Cynthia Grafton-Holt is a highly respected London based British wedding dress designer serving brides worldwide. The private couture collection is available from the North West London Showroom, all of which are handmade by Cynthia and her team within the atelier. A complimentary virtual consultation is available to brides globally inviting them to get to know Cynthia and understand how the entire bespoke process works.

Photography | Jacob and Pauline


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