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Signature Brides The Modern Lifestyle Platform For Todays Black Couples

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are enjoying the Easter break and taking a few moments to love yourself as you sit back and enjoy a few days of dry warm weather. Well, lets face it, there will be NO such nonesense for us for sure as we are catching up and creating new content to share with you all the amazing happens behind the scenes here at CGH hq.

First up to shout about, is the lovely feature published today by Signature Bride Magazine. The magazine, is a go to lifestyle hub of style and bridal fashion for black couples who are keen to seek out Black Owned Wedding Dress Designers UK and Globally, finding professionals who can help to fulfil their wedding day dreams with empathy and understanding towards the cultural aspects of getting married.

Inside The Bridal Studio

For our real life brides who have been priviledged to sneak behind the scenes of the bridal studio, its a hive of activity everyday that is both inspiring and magical to all. It is afterall our girl cave packed full of samples, experimental textile swatches, fabrics from around the world and sketches all over the walls. On a daily basis, it is far from the pristine instagram feeds you may have stumbled across, ours is a real den of creativity and the floor is often hard to find littered with pattern cuttings, threads and fabrics. But we love it - simply because that is the reality of the creative industry in which we are a huge part.


The Undiscovered Collection

For the creative free spirited bride open to new ideas, you simply must visit the studio to discover the undiscovered. The Undiscovered Collection are sample gowns that are gems in the right hands and perfect for the bride who adopts a purposeful approach to wedding dress shopping.

To be totally honest, we are bursting at the seams in the workroom with a wonderful selection of undiscovered gowns, sample gowns, part designed gowns used exclusively for shoots and even toiles that just have no business ending up in the bin. If this appeals to you and you truly want to help save the planet as well as your purse strings, then please drop us an email titled The Undiscovered. We would just love to help you ! It is afterall what we do.


The full Signature Bride interview is available HERE


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Sam Benett Photography

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Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture is highly respected wedding dress designer with over 35 years’ experience in the art of British Bridal Couture. Cynthia creates one-of-a-kind bespoke designs from her London Atelier in Wembley London. As well as desiging bespoke gowns, we have helped many brides remodel and redesign their dream dresses - see link below.

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