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Grace Ormonde's Wedding Top 50 Luxury Wedding Dress Designers

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

My joy and excitement are through the roof right now and I am truly struggling to find the right words to express just how I feel at been named one of the Best Wedding Dress Designers in The UK by a leading wedding industry magazine.

To see Cynthia Grafton-Holt Couture listed on a world-class publications coveted list of Luxury Black Wedding Professionals for High-End Celebrations and, alongside the established best of the very best, makes me want to sing that beautiful song by 'Sounds of Blackness' Be Optimistic....You can win! Never give up, keep on looking up!

It feels so surreal right now. Listed amongst others whose work I so greatly admire, encourages me to stay focused, be true to myself, and know that I am enough. Even in spite of the horridness of 2020, it just goes to show that great things can still be achieved. So, keep on striving and never let go of your dream. It is after all your dream, and you have the responsibility to either bury it in the sand or to nurture it and let it soar.


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