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A Perfectly Altered Vintage Stella McCartney Wedding Dress

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Do you remember the stunning Stella McCartney wedding dress worn by Megan Markle to the reception on her wedding day. And how modern and chic she looked - in an understated kind-of-way?

Our bride strolling around Oxford town wearing her vintage Stella McCartney wedding dress

Real bride Ho-Yi, contacted us to say that she had purchased the original gown from Stella McCartney but, she needed expert help with alterations as the gown turned out to be several sizes bigger than her tiny frame.

This is a common problem for brides who purchase their gowns online or even at sample sales without realising the extent to which the original gown may require extensive re-cutting to acheive the required fit.

Stella' s wedding dresses are well-known for being chic, classic and understated. It goes without saying then, that such a gown also needs to be perfectly fitted. The general rule about design is that the simpler the design, the more attention needs to be given to cut, fit and detail as there is no room for concealing imperfections.


The Consultation Fitting Apppointment

Our bride attending a fitting of her Stella McCartney wedding dress

The elegant halterneck gown in which Megan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex had wowed the world in, was equally just as stunning in french lace because the weight and drape of the lace added not just texture to the design, but it also weighted the gown considerably. The additional weight of the lace meant that on Ho-Yi's tiny frame, the demure elegance of the gown (in its original state before altering) was lost; and far from looking her best, the gown looked entirely flat and shapeless.

Our bride attending a fitting for her Stella McCartney wedding dress

Even though, from the images shown, we have shown that to correct the length we have lifted the gown through the waist, which helped considerably with rebalancing much of the weight of the gown, this was just to demonstrate how the gown could look once completed.

To perfect the fit and maintain the original silhouette of the gown, the entire skirt had to be unpicked (yes, all three layers), recut to keep the balance and style and then remade so that it looked untouched.


The Completed Stella McCartney Wedding Dress

Cynthia Grafton-Holt Bride wearing her Vintage Stella McCartney wedding dress after exchanging her vows

Ho-Yi's Stella McCartney wedding dress was now 'fit for a princess' and most certainly perfectly fitted for her height and tiny frame - which she wore with a glam pair of Louboutin shoes for added height btw. None-the-less, she looked and felt gorgeous on her special day and even went for a walk about in Oxfordshire, where her wedding took place.

Our bride taking a stroll in her vintage Stella McCartney wedding dress

...where a beautiful bridal gown is the quintessential dream....

our bride standing outside the registry office wearing her Stella McCartney wedding dress

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